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(HD) 소니 방송용 캠코더 Sony PMW-500 캠코더 - HD world 2010

jieuny21 2010. 12. 16. 18:33

HD World 2010: Sony PMW-500



I got a chance to see the new Sony PMW-500 camera at HD World this year. The camera combines the 2/3″ CCD (? )sensor of the PDW-700 and PDW-F800 with the body of the PMW-350. If all those product numbers have your head spinning, you can think of this as an XDCAM 422 camera that records to SxS cards. In addition to support for all current SxS cards, the PMW-500 will work with the new 64 GB and 32 GB SxS-1 cards that are now shipping. The XDCAM 422 format is widely accepted by news networks and other broadcasters, so it’s great to see Sony offering it on SxS cards. Watch my video above to learn more.